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Petalite have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that have been asked from customers, investors and the general public.

Our fast charging technology has been in development since mid 2014, our core hardware and validation has been completed and we are now in the process of integrating hardware with Original Equipment Manufacturers.

To show it works here is a video of one of Petalite’s systems supercharging in under 15 minutes.

Petalite developed S.D.C Supercharging (S.D.C) to create a much safer and faster charging system to the traditional charging method of Direct Current (D.C) that is used today’s charging infrastructure.

Traditional D.C charging has a flat voltage and flat current profile which prevents accurate measurement of internal impedance without additional circuitry, internal impedance the single most important measurement in the health of a battery.

S.D.C Supercharging has internal impedance measurement built in and is able to sample from the beginning to end of charge at up to 100 times per second.

Our technology revolves around the charging systems and not the battery cell or their chemistry themselves; this puts Petalite in a good position as our technology is able to adapt with the continual development of batteries.

However if you are interested to know the state of battery technology today and to cut through the bad information on the internet, then please watch the video below which was made by the Fullycharged show and University of Oxford, Department of Materials.

The technology behind Petalite’s charging solutions is built on several inventions that can be divided into two key areas:

1. I.P around the charging algorithms to rapidly charge existing batteries.
2. I.P around the mechanical magnetic connection of a high powered charger to a battery system.

Petalite holds two patent pending’s representing both the charging algorithms and the mechanical connections and these patents cover the several inventions in each areas

Below outlines both of those patents, the technology behind each and the detail of inventions held within.

Charging Algorithm Technology

This is central to the value of Petalite looking forward, and relates to how you more effectively recharge Lithium Ion batteries and reduce the charge time by at least 70%.  The fundamentals are Adaptive battery charging enabling faster and safer charging and longer battery life.  Within that the IP covers the following key areas:

  • Pioneering pulse charging technology for fast and highly efficient battery charging.
  • Real time current adjustment depending on the battery state in order to optimise charging while maintaining safety.
  • Monitoring the impedance of the battery “on-line” in order to determine the state of the battery.
  • Advanced monitoring of battery health that goes beyond what other systems can achieve thanks to proprietary technology
  • Innovative hardware design for a charger with an inherently superior power factor correction and a lower BOM and no High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors.

Mechanical Connection Technology

The other area of our IP is in designing an innovative magnetic connection that enables the charger to rapidly, but with 100% safety, connected and then disconnected to the battery system.  The fundamental here are;

  • Connector designed to handle high amperage charging current with a disconnect safety system to deactivate the high power pins before a user can touch them.
  • Intelligent connector design with communication pins which identifies the battery and performs a handshake, this prevents fraudulent batteries being connected to our system and causing damage.
  • The use or permanent magnets and conductors that are ‘sandwiched’ between the magnets allows our connector to have an even and consistent force when charging, allowing high power without high resistance and heat generation (reduced fire risk).

For more information please check out our Technology page here


Petalite have received two rounds of Investment funding for 2016-17. This included 11 individual angel investors and an investment fund Startup Funding Club.

Petalite will be looking for a future round in Q2 2018. If you are interested and want to find out more then please send an email to

Petalite work in a three step program to reverse engineer, prototype then integrate the technology into your hardware.

We then work with your engineering teams to merge the supply chains together so you have full control over your supply chain.

Please contact us at with the subject heading ‘Product Integration’ to find out more.


Petalite are able to adapt to any new battery technology as all of the IP is focused on the charging technology and not the battery itself.

This means Petalite can test and validate their technology on new hardware in a relatively short time frame.

Petalite’s unique waveform technology provides a high frequency feedback mechanism at the cell level; this feedback gives the user battery impedance and resistance data which in turn provides an accurate state of charge metric.

All of these measurements can be obtained with or without supercharging the cell. This is useful for companies focusing on safety and Asset Management such as UPS or off grid power applications.

We are currently experimenting with faster charger rates to bring 100% charging into single digits, below is a video demonstration of our system charging in 9 minutes.

We are working in the single cell and 48 volt range of batteries at the moment; once we have completed the high voltage systems then we will be working with vehicle OEM’s.

Please check out our technology status here

The feedback mechanism built into Petalite’s S.D.C technology enables safety checks at up to 100 times per second and the system test at 10,000 samples per second.

Combined with impedance measurement the technology allows the battery to select the optimal fast charge rate for its health so protecting the cell from excessive overheating and damage.

Petalite’s charging technology can be used on a variety of battery chemistry, the main focus of the S.D.C Supercharging is on Lithium Ion battery cells as they are able to achieve a full charge below 15 minutes.

Other cell chemistry also benefit from the Petalite technology. Petalite have also developed Active Battery Management Systems specifically for Lead acid cells to work on conditioning the cells and doubling the cell life compared to the manufacture warranties.

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