Market Availability

Petalite have separated the S.D.C Supercharging technology into 4 main categories that relate to generational advancements of the supercharging technology.

Each of these categories have their own research and development requirements; they are also at different stages of develoment.

Single Cell Technology

Petalite’s single cell technology brings fast charging to the portable electronics market, this technology is suitable for any product that uses a single cell ranging from 2.7v – 4v. This includes equipment ranging from external battery packs for mobile phones to emergency service radio communication devices. The single cell solution has been developed and is ready for integration into new or existing product lines.


Designed for Portable Electronics

Single cell batteries are used in many modern day electronic devices, ranging from external mobile phone battery packs to radio communications equipment, the single cell program was developed first in accordance with the Petalite technology road map.

Ready to Intergrate

Petalite’s technology is ready to integrate into new / existing hardware. During the integration process with O.E.M hardware Petalite works with the O.E.M engineering team to integrate the fast charge technology into the system over the typical 8-10 month product development cycle.

6 – 48 Volt Technology

Petalite’s 6 – 48 volt technology is the next step in the technology development road map, new system modules are required to be developed to work with the wave charging technology created by Petalite. This includes a innovative battery management system and communications protocol from scratch. the core technology is estimated to be completed before the end of 2017 and Petalite are currently in talks with O.E.M’s to begin integration into their hardware.

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Designed for On-Demand Power

Flyback technology is traditionally limited to approx 250 watts due to the size and costs of the high voltage input capacitors. Petalite technology does not requiring these costly components expanding the capabilities of Flyback topology beyond 1kW and paralleled for multi kW applications.

Suitable for Personal Transport

The requirement of the transportation industry for fast charging has lead Petalite to focus on personal transportation in 2017. This includes fast charge integration of electric bikes, scooters, wheelchairs and other small personal transportation products.

High Capacity 48 Volt Technology

The next stage in the Petalite technology roadmap is 48 V high capacity solutions such as battery UPS and portable power solutions. These are packs with the single cell capacities over 20Ah and are focused towards hybrid powertrains and stationary applications


Small Electric Vehicles

Higher capacity 48 volt solutions are designed for larger scale applications where significant power demands and high capacity requirements are needed.

Cell Asset Management

Working with large scale and remote applications means that Petalite’s battery asset management is key to maintain up time and reliability whether using new or used battery cells.

High Voltage Technology

Petalite will be moving into the full EV field within the next 18 months, focusing on integration into mass produced electric commercial vehicles, providing 15 minute charging to global fleets for customers before 2020.


Commercial Vehicle Fleets

Commercial vehicles require short range, fast charging to reduce initial cost of the vehicle and to reduce downtime with 10-15 minute charge times. There is also a focus on return on investment and bringing it that down to point where electric vehicle purchases become economically viable.

Expertise in > 300kW Charging

One of the major requirements for 15 minute charging in an EV is a 300kW + charging system and connector; Petalite have developed the magnetic connector technology for high amperage charging. The next steps are the scale up and development of our technology for a 300kW version of the system. .

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